Why Sleep Haven

So why choose us and what is different about us?


With over 20 years experience of guiding people into rest, and teaching  ways to help activate their ‘pause’ button, you could say that this programme has been a lifetime’s work.     It has certainly been our lifetimes passion and   I can promise you that you will not  have experienced  the depth and breadth of our trainings  at any other sleep clinic , Yoga class, mindfulness or meditation class that you may have attended.

It’s definitely one of a kind, and when  you read what brought it into being (my personal story to Deep Sleep ) you will also understand why it is such a passion for me.

We are the first Sleep Clinic  of its kind in Ireland and we are passionate about supporting you in your needs for sleep and deep, restorative rest. We offer a fully integrative and holistic approach to sleep difficulties, sleep deprivation and inability to sleep soundly.

  • We don’t believe in drugs or medications
  • We don’t believe in exercising hard to tire ourselves out in order to sleep
  • We don’t believe in ongoing and  expensive treatments
  • We don’t believe that one size fits all
  • We don’t believe that one method, one approach  or one kind therapy is enough on its own.

We do believe…

Our programmes offer solutions that are innovative and offer a fuller range of approaches than is presently on offer. I can promise you that you will not come across a programme
Our solutions are based on natural methods which nourish and support both body and mind – even on the most restless nights you will still be gaining much needed sustenance and replenishment.


  • That in  an integrated approach that addresses the physical, hormonal, emotional and mental level is the most effective approach . And that this integrative approach can have a huge impact on our ability to rest  and sleep deeply;
  • We believe that sleep is a natural human function and we will enable you to get a decent night’s sleep;
  • We believe in offering you an integrated, holistic approach using a variety of modalities.

So, these are our ‘practice sleep’ times.

And they have worked for us and for our clients.

Check out what our clients say on our testimonial page.


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