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At the Deep Sleep Haven we are passionate about finding ways to help YOU sleep.

We believe that sleep is a gift from the Gods – a wonderful reprieve from the hassles and upheavals of everyday life.    And because we believe this so deeply in our bones, a wish for others was born in us…

         To turn you from Grumpy Gremlins into Sleeping Beauties

I have created an eight step programme  that I deliver through on-line videos, and  through in-person workshops and classes .   My Deep Sleep programme is  an integration of the most effective solutions taken from my trainings and research in Yoga Therapy , Embodied Mindfulness, Somatic Psychology, Trauma Resolution  as well as physical therapies such as  Body Rolling , Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Movement.

Our work is a giant step away from drowsy inducing medication that fails to nourish us at night-time. We offer you the sleep you have been yearning, deep natural sleep that allows you to get through each day.


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