About Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep Yoga is a multi-layered therapeutic approach addressing issues of sleep management and the underlying reasons behind it>

The causes of lack of sleep may surprise you.    Some we may be very familiar with but others we don’t even think about – at least not in relation to our sleep patterns

We have a physiological response to life    –  what is it that sets off this physiological response – (article on stress)


Stress is such a little word for how we respond to life and how life impacts us……….    We hear the word stress and we don’t really relate to it anymore as its become a word that has become common place we hardly have any response to it anymore-  it has become almost meaningless to us …….


………..   this is our little tool-kit …………  we don’t need to use everything all at once …………   but it is useful to have a full kit which addresses different levels so that you can draw out the correct tool at the right time ……. The tool that will address the level that you are currently suffering at …….


At the Deep Sleep Haven we are passionate about finding ways to help YOU sleep.

We believe that sleep is a gift from the Gods to us mere mortals – a wonderful reprieve from the hassles and upheavals of everyday life.    And because we believe this so deeply in our bones a  wish for others was born in us   ………..

to turn you from Grumpy Gremlins into Sleeping Beauties

Our desire has driven us to find the best from the worlds of Yoga , Meditation and Embodied Mindfulness,  physical therapies such as Yoga Body Rolling (yum, yum.) and Craniosacral Therapy (deep happy sigh), and of course the very best of relaxation.

In fact, in our search for deep rest, we have left the comfort of our own sofas and safe havens  and travelled many continents, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the deserts of California where we studied and trained with many teachers and  Masters in order to bring the best to you – in the comfort of our safe haven – our Deep Sleep Haven.

We won’t be offering you drugs, nor dozey-making medications, just lots of ways to help you sleep the sleep that you long for.


What we offer

We believed that the problem stemmed in the body and mind, and particularly in the hyper activation of the nervous system and brain.     With over 20 years of training in Mind/Body modalities such as Yoga and Mindfulness , alongside trainings in Massage, Cranio-sacral Therapy and trauma therapy , I devised a programme that would help de-activate these physiological resposes that were at the root of most cases of sleeplessness


Our programmes take the best from all these modalities and offer an integrative approach to calming these physiological responses.    There are a number of different options available to you to approach and experience our work



Individual one-to-one sessions




Our workshop format is in two stages, each stage offering different approaches drawn from Yoga and Mindfulness Based Therapies.   It also offers an integration of body-based therapies such as Yoga Body Rolling, Craniosacral Therapy well as introducing approaches from somatic psychology.



Stage One Workshop –  best for when …………..


  • Restful, soothing and calming yoga
  • Breath-work to help destimulate your amped-up nervous system
  • Yoga therapy balls for pain relief
  • Soft weight yoga-bags – the ultimate tool to slow busy minds
  • Yoga Nidra inducing deep rest



Stage Two  Workshop
Earth Salutation – A slow, calming Yoga sequence, steadying the mind and helping us to connect with the ground of our being

Neck, shoulder and jaw unwinding – exploring craniosacral techniques to unwind areas of constriction is a powerful way to soothe and regulate the ‘fight or flight’ stress response

Moving Meditation – I initially created these Dynamic Release Meditations in response to students working with extreme stress and trauma issues and have found them to be extremely beneficial and grounding for hyperactive and excess nervous energy

Meditative Exploratory Inquiries – helping us to address negative and repetive thoughts which keep us ‘on alert’ and unable to settle through a method of focused inquiry. Getting to sleep doesn’t just entail relaxing – sometimes our thoughts are there for a reason, they’re perhaps trying to get the attention that we refuse to give to them during the day. These practices of focused inquiry will help sort out the chaff from the wheat and over time can facilitate insight into what needs to be addressed in order for us to settle back into ourselves


Classes –

Our classes take place in a lovely, cosy space, very conducive to deep rest.     Small classes giveh you more individual attention.

a 5 week programme which will take clients through a more in-depth focus and offer a consistent on-going approach to tackling sleep issues


What’s   different about us

We don’t belive in drugs or medications

We don’t believe in exercising hard to tire ourselves out in order to sleep

We don’t believe in ongoing and  expensive treatments

We don’t believe that one size fits all

We don’t belive that one method, one approach  or one kind therapy is enough on its own.

we do believe ………….

…………..   in  an integrated approach that addresess the physical, hormonal, emotional and mental level is the most effective approach .   And that this integrative approach can have a huge impact on our ability to rest  and sleep deeply



So, these are our ‘practice sleep’ times

And they have worked for us.    Most of the time.

But sometimes, when life has turned on the Red Alert button I have needed extra and individual- to-me kind  of help.     And you may  too.     In fact, very, very likely you will too.

My latest bout of Red Alert came last year when both my parents became ill and I was travelling back and forth from one hospital to another visiting and sorting out medications. Etc.

That’s the practical side of it.    The emotional upheavel of having two elderly parents in hospital was extraordinary.     The eventual loss of my father affected my ability to drop to sleep, or to stay sleeping for very long.     There was too much disturbance and upset in my nervous system and I just couldn’t find rest by myself.

Add to that a marriage, a new house, and a new job all in the space of 5 months …………    this wasn’t the time for me to grit my teeth and hoped it passed.

This was  the time to get extra support, which I did, and which helped enormously and probably shortened the period of not-sleeping by about a gazillion years.

You see, even after practicing and teaching Yoga for over 20 years, I was still human.    Possibly even more human in the sense that I had let go of layers of deep muscular tension.    Which is really good but means that you are more aligned and sensitive to when you are out of kilter.


My extra support, and the support that I now offer to you is through the therapeutic application of Craniosacral Therapy. (how cranio helps with sleep – insert for how cranial can help to follow), Yoga Body Rolling and Scenar Pain Relief Therapy.


These one=to=one sessions can offer relief from hormonal and menopausal symptoms , trauma as a result of accidents and emotional upheavals  ,   long-term and on-going stresses,  illnesses that recur or that don’t seem to improve



How do you know when you need extra support as opposed to on-going daily practice that I offer in my DeepSleep Clinics?

Look at how long the problem has been on-going.    For me, if Ihave more than a couple of sleepless nights over a period of a few weeks I know I am in Red Alert mode.

If I am in a period of extreme stress and emotional upheavel

Loss of a job

Loss of a loved one

Trauma and shock of any kind

Bullying in work or at home

Lonliness and isolation

Caring and looking after another

Onging illness

Menopause or any other life change

Overloaded entrepreneur with dead-lines to meet

Mamas and Papas who have’nt had much sleep time


What exactly is Red Alert mode?

It’s not a medical term as such, but it almost should be.     It’s when our reserves are so low and there is such an  over-whelming amount of ‘life’ pouring through us that we just can’t cope.      We go into what is known as survival mode and activate our Fight-Flight-Freeze stress response.

It’s ok if we are in this mode for a little while.    OK but not ideal.    The problem is when we get stuck on Red Alert, as so many of us do.

On Red Alert  , our bodies and minds, feel like they are constantly on high alert, adrenaline is pumping through us, and we can be like a bull in a china shop,  charging through our lives with no thought to the effect it is having on ourselves,  our colleagues and loved ones.  That’s the fight response.

The flight response looks a bit calmer , but it feels like there’s no-one home.   Nothing gets done and we get stuck in a state of dreamy procrastination .   The problem with this state is that in our no-one-home state we miss out a lot in our lives and our lives become humdrum and unsatisfactory.     Depression and anxiety are common in this state and we can spend years wasting precious time.

The freeze response is even more serious.     We are literally frozen in time, reliving the event over and over again with no apparent way out.     Our muscles are contracted,  our ability to think clearly, or indeed to even find the words to express what we are feeling is severely comprised.    We become very distant in our relationships which leads to isolation, dispair and disconnection.



People say the nicest things:    all the time ………
“That was amazing! I particularly loved the Dynamic Release Meditations and found that so effective. Even though I have practiced Yoga before it is usually impossible for me to switch off my mind but this really helped me. Big thank you!”

“After the death of my husband I was all over the place and even though I was tired, my sleep was very unfulfilling . Finally I have increased my sleep times from just 3 hours to six hours a night. I do these practices now just before bedtime and sleep so much better than I ever thought I would. It’s so great not to feel like a zombie throughout the day.”

“Deirdre, I would go demented without your Yoga classes. You always bring something new and innovative to your teaching, and you bring so much of yourself to the class. Since doing the Deep Sleep Yoga I have been going to sleep with some of the techniques that you taught us – my husband thinks I’m crazy – but seriously I feel a lot more sane. Great, great class.”

Berni, Teacher,  Carlow

“That was amazing! I particularly loved the Dynamic Release Meditations and found that so effective. Even though I have practiced Yoga before it is usually impossible for me to switch off my mind but this really helped me. Big thank you!”

Patricia, Primary School Teacher, Dublin

“After the death of my husband I was all over the place and even though I was tired, my sleep was very unfulfilling . Finally I have increased my sleep times from just 3 hours to six hours a night. I do these practices now just before bedtime and sleep so much better than I ever thought I would. It’s so great not to feel like a zombie throughout the day.”

Mary, Enniscorthy

Deirdre, I just have to thank you so much for the last cranial session I had with you.    I’ve always experienced great relief with all our sessions but last week’s was the most transformational craniosacral session I have ever had.   I was in the depths of despair and you gave me back my hope.    Thank you so, so much.

Caroline, Accountant,  Co Wexford

I really thought that Yoga was all a bit of a codswallop and that it wouldn’t really work for me.    But then when it was offered to me as part of my Cancer Recovery programme I thought I’d give it a go just to check it out.    I am really glad that I did.    I never expected it to be able to help me so much and the Yoga Body Rolling section has been such a huge relief for my painful shoulders – thank God I came!

Jill, Enniscorthy


OMG,  My back feels amazing after that session – I just cannot believe how good it feels after such a short time

Theresa, Crossfit Athlete, Wicklow


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